Your Instructor

I became an instructor for a couple of reasons:

  • Because I like meeting people

  • Because I have a real passion for keeping people safe on and off the road.

After a lifetime of driving as a field engineer, IT consultant and Driving Instructor, and covering around 1 million miles in the process, I'm still learning, and that's what I want to instill into everyone I help learn to drive.

To that end I'm now a Grade 'A' DVSA approved ADI helping people from all over Sheffield become safe drivers for life.


I've been a keen sportsman and musician all my life but, to be honest, I was often great in practice but never able to perform to my best when it really mattered. It was then the nerves took over and my performance always suffered. This failing led me to a deep study of sports psychology and so much of what I learned can be applied to learning to drive:

  • Being in 'the zone'

  • The value of focussed practice

  • Honestly evaluating your performance

  • Techniques to use when nerves surface

Now, I'm able to control the nerves but, unfortunately, far too late for my sports career....

My passion now is to pass on this knowledge to the people I help to create a generation of safer drivers.


After having failed the driving test 2 times, I realized something was wrong - either with my previous driving instructors, or with my mentality. Whatever it was, having lessons with one of the school's instructors, Craig, helped fixing it - just passed my test! Craig was a very patient, a very knowledgeable instructor that gave me a number of valuable tips - this greatly improved my driving and made my 3rd attempt at sitting the test successful. 

Marina - Barnsley

07597 641 611

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