Practical Driving Test
  • The Practical Driving Test costs £62 and is bookable online. Discuss possible dates with your instructor.

  • You must have passed the theory test before you can book your practical test.

  • Ideally, we need to reach a point where both you and your instructor believe you are ready to take your test.

  • If you have not been learning with us and have already booked your test, we advise you to have a few lessons in any case to brush up on your skills. Please don’t leave booking lessons until the last minute.

  • You will have had several mock tests with your instructor as part of your lessons so that you will know what to expect during the Practical Driving Test.

  • Your instructor will explain minor and major faults to you as well as other useful hints and tips.

  • The Practical Driving Test takes 38-40 minutes to complete, and is followed by a debrief which we suggest your instructor also attends.

  • We promise you that the examiners have no pass or fail quotas to meet.


After having failed the driving test 2 times, I realized something was wrong - either with my previous driving instructors, or with my mentality. Whatever it was, having lessons with one of the school's instructors, Craig, helped fixing it - just passed my test! Craig was a very patient, a very knowledgeable instructor that gave me a number of valuable tips - this greatly improved my driving and made my 3rd attempt at sitting the test successful. 

Marina - Barnsley

07597 641 611

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