Think about who your favourite teachers were. I bet you'll find that the thing that made them so great was not just the way they taught you. Most likely, they also watched how you did something and gave you great feedback. The best teachers aren't just teachers. They're also coaches.

Both teaching and coaching are helping someone learn a particular skill or sharing a certain piece of knowledge, and both of them are gifts that are given to a student. Teaching though is mainly a one way interaction. A person that knows something shows you how to do something or tells you some piece of information that they know.

Coaching on the other had requires an ongoing interaction. In order to coach someone, you need to first teach them something, then observe them, and then provide feedback again. Essentially you react to their needs. The learning is all about's CLIENT CENTRED!

OK Then....What's This Client Centred Learning All About?.....

People learn in different ways and at different speeds. If someone who likes time to reflect on their learning is forced to move on to the next thing too quickly it could slow down their progress. Or if someone who likes to learn by trying things out is made to watch too many demonstrations without having a go they will get frustrated.

Client-centred learning is an approach to learning that takes into account how the learner prefers to learn. When people learn in this way they are more likely to retain information and skills. People are also more likely to keep learning if they are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning at an early stage – this is the second aim of client-centred learning.

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After having failed the driving test 2 times, I realized something was wrong - either with my previous driving instructors, or with my mentality. Whatever it was, having lessons with one of the school's instructors, Craig, helped fixing it - just passed my test! Craig was a very patient, a very knowledgeable instructor that gave me a number of valuable tips - this greatly improved my driving and made my 3rd attempt at sitting the test successful. 

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