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Whatever suits you best. A one and half hour lesson is ideal for most pupils. A two hour lesson can be quite tiring and can mean that the concentration will diminish towards the end of the session.

How long are my driving lessons?

Sorry, but that’s an impossible question to answer as it depends on the criteria you choose. What we can say is that your instructor will do everything they can to teach you to drive to the required standard and to pass your test, first time. No cast-iron promises though.

What's Learn 4 Life's pass rate?

As well as being a Grade A qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) they are friendly, honest, approachable and professional. They will teach you to drive, safely, confidently and considerately to a standard that will enable you to pass your test..

What's my instructor like?

It all depends on your ability and any previous experience and currently the national average is 47 hours training and 20 hours private practice. We have to meet certain teaching criteria but there are no set no time limits and the more effort you put in the quicker you will learn. We also actively encourage practice in between lessons with family members if that’s possible.

How many lessons will I need?

If you have fully insured access to your own/parents’ car, it’s certainly a good idea to take every opportunity to get behind the wheel – with an experienced, qualified driver alongside you. Be sure to use the methods and routines that your instructor has taught you in preference to passenger input (especially if they took their test a long time ago!) Remember also, that you will not have benefit of dual controls so take extra special care and it may be best to avoid heavy traffic conditions at least in the early days.

Can I practise between lessons?

Yes we do, although not the format of starting to learn on a Monday and taking your test on the Friday. However, we would certainly be happy to discuss an intensive lesson programme with you to conclude with taking your test after a set period. To begin with, we strongly advise that you have at least one or two lessons to cover the basics. We will then be in a position to tailor an intensive programme to suit you and you will understand more about your own capabilities. Although there are times when an intensive programme is appropriate, our experience is that most pupils prefer to avoid a pressured approach to passing the test.

Do you offer an intensive course?

Yes we do. Closely following the actual driving test format, mock tests are an important part of the learning process and will be built into your lessons at the appropriate time.

Do you do mock tests?

Whether you pass or fail your test, your instructor will drive you back afterwards. This is standard practice and either way you can relax and reflect on the test as a passenger.

Will I drive home after my test?

Pass Plus is a training course (no test to take, just continuous assessment) specifically aimed at new drivers, designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) with the help of insurers and the driving instructor profession. Pass Plus builds upon your existing skills and knowledge, teaches you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards and can help you to become a more confident driver. Modular-based it covers; driving in town, all weathers, rural roads, dual carriageways and motorways and night driving.

The Pass Plus course costs £150 for the minimum of six hours tuition. If more sessions are needed to complete the course, the cost may increase. From a value point of view, before you embark on a Pass Plus course, we advise you check with your insurance company to see how much discount they will apply to your premium when you pass.

What's Pass Plus?

When you pass your test, you will appreciate that your driving experience has just started and the learning process never stop from that point. Every journey has the potential to reveal hazards and situations that you may not have seen before. We hope that our teaching, and your hard work will have prepared you to handle new situations confidently and safely. Having passed your test we certainly recommend that you progressively build up your confidence by driving in all types of road, traffic and weather conditions.

What's your advice if I don't take Pass Plus?

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